Ironing out my TV blues

Funny how this whole thing works sometimes, isn't it.

After months of dodging Steve Perry — thanks to some not-so-flattering things I've written about his involvement in PASS Super Late Model racing — I hear he's looking for me. I go into cold sweats, wake up in the middle of the night convinced there's someone knocking, hide out in alleyways and dark closets. It can't be good.

And then I get the e-mail I've been dreading, from Perry himself. I cringe as I open it. I'm thinking: lawsuit.

Turns out, the big guy isn't so bad after all. He wants me to co-host his local cable television show "Mainely Motorsports" this week. He's heading to Florida this week for some NHL hockey (I know, not the first place you think of when you think ice hockey) and auto racing, and he wants me to co-host the show with usual cohort Marco Thomas.

And I say, what the heck, I'm in.

I've got to level with you here. I stick to the opinion that most people who have never met me don't like me — they think I'm obnoxious, smart-mouthed and arrogant. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad, right? Isn't that what Meatloaf told us? But I also think that when people get to know me, they generally like me. I don't take things too seriously, and I like to laugh and poke fun.

Just ask Ken Minott or Bill Ryan. They'll tell you.

Long story short, going on TV might be good for me. People can see me — you know, so they know who they're taking a punch at in the pit area some night at Unity Raceway. And, it's the real me — not this blog persona you've all come to love and loathe simultaneously.

One thing you should know before you tune in — yes, I'm really that bald. (It's a fashion choice, not male-pattern baldness...).


Andy B said...

Jeepers, I can't believe I wasn't considered. Must be they lost my email address.

Good luck & have fun.

The Backstretch said...

Scary, scary thought. Just remember, Cosa Nostra does not exist. It is not real. It's just something made up by crazy people like Walt Newcomb. Remember the code.

Komet said...

Actually Andy,
Steve said on a previous show he should have you on around 250 weekend. Marco and Steve talked about one of your posts on a board where you said you would like to have a racing talk show or something to that effect...

If you do go on, make sure you bring some of your picture library....

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I'll be sure and watch tonight. Since the writers strike isn't over yet my favorite show hasn't been airing. I suppose you're the next best thing :)

Penny P....(not to be confused w/ Penny S. or the other Penny P.)

Bill Ryan said...


Are you playing Garth or Wayne on the show?


The Backstreth said...

I think it's more like is he Regis or Kelly?

Anonymous said...

Nice job last night Travis, You and marco make a good team.

Anonymous said...

travis, its not meatloaf its meat head when it comes to your opinion

Anonymous said...

TRAVIS i THINK YOU WRITE IT AS YOU SEE IT.If these people can't handle it they should not read it . Your doing a great job.

Bill Ryan said...

Were you Felix or Oscar?

Laurenitus said...

Good job Travis. You state your opinions and everyone knows who you are. Other people, possibly on that show or possibly not on that show, will state a public opinion "I love everyone" and then hide behind a fake name and bash late models on internet newsgroups and blogs.

At least you make your points with some factual basis and everyone knows who you are.

And yeah, I'll hide too and have no credibility. It's fashionable.