A probationary tale

NASCAR continued with its "behind-closed-doors" policy on Tuesday.

Saying that it was redefining the meaning of probation in the sport, officials announced that both Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch have been placed on probation for the 1st 6 races of the 2008 season -- in response to their antics during and following Budweiser Shootout practice last Friday night. But, of course, NASCAR wouldn't say what the probation actually meant, just like they wouldn't say whether or not Stewart and Busch shared a physical altercation in the NASCAR hauler following the incident.

What is this, the army? Well, it's sort of like the army, only with a few modifications.

"Don't bother asking, 'cause we're not bothering to tell you."

I could be wrong, but I thought Public Relations 101 told us to deal with things head-on. The more NASCAR skirts issues, the less credibility they have. NASCAR's fear of giving specifics -- how many times in the past have we heard that teams are being fined and/or penalized for the vague "actions detrimental to stock car racing?" -- only leads to more and more questions.

Questions NASCAR refuses to answer.

You know.... Don't ask, don't tell. It's a downright laughable policy for a sport that works every day to become bigger than the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

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Anonymous said...

Unless your name is Robby Gordon. NAA$CAR's so called probation is a meaningless exercise, so they can say the've done something. While doing nothing. What a joke. NA$CAR's credabality is about on par with thr President, & Congress.