Fernald to lease Unity Raceway

George Fernald Jr. to the rescue.

The man who probably best embodies the spirit of Unity Raceway has agreed to lease the track from owner Ralph Nason, it was announced on Monday. Fernald, who has competed at the track in various divisions, is probably best-known these days for his long-distance ramp jumping.

Last fall, Fernald jumped his car through a vacant mobile home on the Unity Raceway fronstretch.

The official release from the track reads as follows:

Unity Raceway owner Ralph Nason Sr. annnounces the lease of the Route 139 oval to long-time racer, businessman and flying ramp runner George Fernald Jr.

George, along with his wife Sherri and family, will bring the fans and racers an exciting 2008 season. More details are in the works as the "New Spirit" works the details for the 60th season at Unity. Web info will be under construction and up as soon as possible.


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racingmom06 said...

Having made the decision for two years in a row to try Unity Raceway after Speedway 95 season closed, we have decided that this track is a joke. A track champion from Bangor was put to the rear of the feature race field after a caution involving him and another car. He tangled with the car as it spun in front of him and had no choice but to make contact. He was running in the top 3 at the time. They told him not to worry about it because he had time to make it up. It appears that neither the flagman nor the other track officials realizes the difference between racing incidents and blatant racing rage which was experienced by the same car when right beneath the flag stand a "local" car rearended the Bangor car and was simply told "we are going to be watching you". To the Bangor Track Champion's credit, he came back to finish third!!!! He was then harassed in the pit area by BOTH Fernald and the track security guard. The driver's wife was threatened for no good reason as they were both trying to get their car loaded and leave because they were disgusted with the officiating.

If this is what you call "Fernald to the rescue" you'd better be calling the federal government for a "bailout"! Fernald and his entire track staff are a joke attested to by the lack of fans in the grandstands and the pits.

Many people have a lot to say about the way the Bangor track is run, but after having been there for over 15 years, they are first class compared to the ignorance displayed at Unity on Saturday, October 4, 2008. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, MONEY, OR GOOD CAR GOING THERE!