Nason still hasn't had an offer

Unity Raceway was closed down and put up for lease.

Bobby MacArthur -- a legend in his own mind if nowhere else -- proudly jumped on GWC and proclaimed that he was going to be the track's savior. MacArthur said that he and Steve Perry had put together a deal to lease the facility from owner Ralph Nason.

Only one small problem. It's not true.

"Not that I know of," Perry said on Wednesday. "We have had no discussions about Unity Raceway whatsoever. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor."

At least we now know, as if we already didn't, to take anything the self-proclaimed "Showstoppa" says with a grain of salt.

Make that an entire bowl.

Read the complete story in today's Kennebec Journal.

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Andy B said...

...and this is the same guy who claims all race tracks will be following his lead and charging $20for weekly admission!!!

It's the Showstoppas' of the world who make the Tom Curleys' look like even bigger successes than they already are.