Perry vs. Ryan: Mano A Mano

For the 1st time since yours truly made an appearance on the program, Mainely Motorsports is fixing to be must-see TV this week.

In this corner, Mainely Motorsports owner and weekly anchor Steve Perry -- as pro-Super Late Model a guy as you'll find in these parts. In the opposite corner, Oxford Plains Speedway owner Bill Ryan -- public enemy numero uno in some circles and as pro-Late Model a guy as you'll find in these parts.

It should, at the very least, be interesting.

Mainely Motorsports airs Wednesday nights on Time Warner Cable Channel 9 in the Augusta/Waterville area. Bell rings -- Whoops! I mean, opening credits roll -- at 8 p.m. sharp.

Here's hoping the 2 men can cut right through the rhetoric that has bogged the SLM-LM debate into the mud and have an honest-to-goodness discussion focusing on the pros and cons of both divisions.


Anonymous said...
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Tweety said...

Do you suppose Perry will use his real name or one of his dozens of internet\forum aliases to answer questions? And can Ryan actually correct any of Perry's grammatical errors before the commercial breaks?


Andy B said...

This is why I should be on TV and/or radio. I'm a star yet to be discovered!!!

Long live Late Models, the Oxford 250 & OPS.

Tenbomber said...

heck...Tiny Tim and Pee Wee Herman made it on ... there's still hope for you Andy...

Anonymous said...

sndy if you could make a honest oppion on any subject besides late models someone mite listen to you i don;t think so

Bill Ryan said...

Anything I do is must see, must listen, must read Travis!

We actually had fun filming it this morning. I have always liked Steve as he has always been upfront and rational in the discussions I have had with him. Sure, he might not like everything that I do at OPS, but he realizes that I am doing what I think is best for the track.

We did talk about the Late Model/ Pro Stock deal a little bit, but honestly what more can be said? I have explained myself 1,000 times. Anyone listening either understands the explanation or they do not. I am not saying they need to agree, but it is old news at this point.

Regardless, it was enjoyable doing the show and I appreciate Steve's hospitality.