PASS, Beech Ridge plan to race on Saturday

Word out of Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is that all systems are "go" for this weekend's PASS North Series season opener.

The Cabin Fever 150 is slated to begin with heat races on Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m.

An official at the track said on Wednesday that the track itself is dry, the parking lots are in good shape and the sprawling pit area is mostly dried out. Weather forecasts for this week are for warm and sunny days with no rain in sight.

Everything should take place as scheduled.

"I met with (track owners Ralph and Andy Cusack) at Beech Ridge (on Tuesday) and we took a good look at the entire facility," PASS president Tom Mayberry said. "Eighty percent of the pits and parking lots are ready to go.

"There may be snow in your yard and mud in your driveway but we’re ready to go racing."

In addition to Saturday's racing, there are open practice sessions on both Thursday and Friday afternoons at the track. Grandstand admission is free both days.


Andy B said...

Why does a race with about 20 pre-entries need three days of practice?

Anonymous said...

Please go away Andy.

Anonymous said...

It's practice for PASS regulars and Beech Ridge regulars as well.

The speedway didn't have it's scheduled ptactice last weekend because of the grounds, so this is it for all divisions.

two days (thats what it really is) gives you a choice in case of other conflicts; i doubt many teams will spend two days testing.

I dont see what 20 pre-entries has to do with it, personally.

Andy B said...

I can maybe see an extra day if the schedule is going to be tight on Saturday, but to use both Thursday and Friday seems like an unneeded expense for both the track and competitors if people are going to get a couple hours on Saturday.

I've seen race teams go and blow a bunch of money on pre-season testing and then run out of money 2/3rds of the way through the season.

Back in the day there was a lot less "testing" than goes on now, and I don't think the racing back then was any poorer for it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see anything about practice being manditory for the competitors. How many cars did practice both Thursday and Friday Andy?